A new composition for a burner head has been discovered by researchers from the Faculty of Chemistry, Brno University of Technology. It is a material solution for that part of the burner which in use is exposed to both high temperatures and the effects of various substances during combustion. 

Experts in pump construction all over the world are constantly looking for ways to increase efficiency and extend service life, while simultaneously cutting or at least not increasing the construction costs of their products.

A scientist from the Brno University of Technology passes the time near a curved stretch of a busy railway line. The disturbing noises of trains passing through the bends inspire him towards a series of railway improvements. 

Can’t avoid having to switch on the air-conditioning in summer, despite the threat of health risks caused by air-conditioned rooms? Scientists at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, the Institute of Building Structures have been testing in experimental rooms for some time now heat-accumulation modules containing materials with phase change and with a system of capillary insulating pads, i.e. technology that solves the problem of rooms over-heating in the summer months and but that radiate heat in the winter season and the transitional periods.

The turbine represents a newly innovated version of a vortex turbine with the option to regulate output by turning the turbine runner blades, either at rest or in operation.

The BUT 051 RAY experimental plane is electrically powered. This method of drive can be used in civil aviation to propel small planes as an environmentally friendly and economical alternative to the classic piston engine generally used in such aircraft.