Recently, researchers at the Brno University of Technology have announced a unique and very interesting electrical connection of a sensor which enables very small changes in environment permittivity to be converted into a digital electric signal.

A research team from the Institute of Machine and Industrial Design at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering have constructed a device used for the stereoscopic (3D) recording of spherical (360° horizontally, 180° vertically) images.

The laser instrument ANALYSETTE 22 MicroTec plus is a universally utilizable instrument for determining particle distribution according to size in suspensions, emulsions and solid substances. It is used in research and development and in quality and process control. It uses a FRITSCH company patent for determining particle distribution according to size, with an adjustable specific cell in a convergent laser beam.

The piston slit-flow rheometer enables long-term testing of the behaviour of magnetorheological (MR) fluids in the real operational conditions of damping equipment, including data analysis for use in durability testing.