In the Institute of Building Testing of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of BUT, a device which will enable the monitoring of the strain of fine concrete and mortar has been projected. The inventor of this equipment is Prof. Ing. Jiří Adámek, CSc., along with his colleague Jaroslav Šefc, who both participated in the development of the equipment and made the prototype by themselves. 

Eye surgery is an extremely demanding surgical intervention. The post-surgery phase is also demanding, and it places stress on the head position as the eye cannot be focused in any way. Scientists of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Technologies, in cooperation with the Clinic of Ophthalmology at the University Hospital Brno, developed a device which resolves this issue.

Human lives in mountain avalanches, land slides or collapsed buildings can be soon saved by a new invention of the team of BUT scientists. The robotic platform functions without the assistance of a human factor present in the affected locality, which makes the device unique. The robot uses connection of the most modern technologies of sensor systems.

Scientists of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of BUT designed a combined device for the production of plastic samples. The method they used was compression moulding with combined heating and cooling. The advantage of this method is that the cylindrical mould is dismountable and has a special system of cooling and thus the problem with de-moulding of the produced sample is eliminated. The method has been tried for laboratory use in the production of samples of composite plastics.

A team of scientists from the BUT Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Technologies focused on improving the method of finding the presence of other substances in a gaseous environment, which is used e.g. in a range of industrial branches, military technology, toxicology, pharmaceutical technology, food industry, etc.

Slide bearings are generally characterized by their simple structure, small operating vibrations and low noise levels. However, current technical practice shows us that assumptions regarding low operating vibrations and noise are not always correct.