A research team from the Faculty of Chemistry of Brno University of Technology has developed a new procedure for hydrogel preparation. Their hydrogel contains nano containers functioning as carriers of various types of medicinal substances. This innovative procedure has a sterile preparation and incorporates up to 100% of active substances.

Even though concrete and its major component cement are generally traditional materials, their properties can still be improved.

Brickware is perceived as a technical matter, but its starting materials are natural. Scientists from the Brno University of Technology focused on reducing the effects of their imperfections on the final product.

A new material with geopolymer attributes has been invented by scientists at the Faculty of Chemistry at the Brno University of Technology.

Scientists from the Faculty of Chemistry at the Brno University of Technology have invented a new processing method for manufacturing building materials. Their method saves more energy and also reduces the environmental load.

A new composition for a burner head has been discovered by researchers from the Faculty of Chemistry, Brno University of Technology. It is a material solution for that part of the burner which in use is exposed to both high temperatures and the effects of various substances during combustion.