Identifying a speaker, analysing their speech or working out their age, sex and/or emotional state are activities closely bound up with listening to a speaker directly and also carry a certain notion of reliability. However, such a method is extremely ineffective in terms of time and costs since records cannot be listened in any other, more rapid way.

An electric arc produces intense radiation accompanied by high temperature. The energy transfer through this radiation is an important factor in the energy balance of thermal plasma.

The project entitled ‘Research and Development of a Cost-Effective Information and Security System Intended for Housing Construction and the Modernization of Older, in Particular Concrete Panel Residential Buildings’ by its very name makes it clear that the focus of the development is to ensure security for people and property.

Saving electric power and more generally reducing the costs of producing and distributing all kinds of energy is an important and often mentioned topic at present. The application of intelligence and a more economic approach to managing the regulation of the production and consumption of electricity in real time, on both the local and global scale, is the subject of so-called smart grids.

The chemical nanosensor developed at the Brno University of Technology, Institute of Microelectronics, represents a unique sensor construction, formed by an organized field of appropriately linked nanosensors that combine to create a 3D system.

Protecting property and belongings, controlling access to protected areas – these are topics experts wrestle with every day in order to assure their clients and users of security systems that they have done their absolute utmost for their customers’ safety and a secure night’s sleep.