“Safe House”- a comprehensive personal and property protection system

“Safe House”- a comprehensive personal and property protection system

18. 10. 2012

The project entitled ‘Research and Development of a Cost-Effective Information and Security System Intended for Housing Construction and the Modernization of Older, in Particular Concrete Panel Residential Buildings’ by its very name makes it clear that the focus of the development is to ensure security for people and property.

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As part of the design solution, a team of experts and researchers from the Department of Control and Instrumentation developed a whole range of hardware elements, add-ons, improvements and software closely connected to a comprehensive system for protecting persons and property called the “Safe House”. Safe House represents a unique solution for protecting property and people in houses at all levels, starting from security and modernizing the lifts, through protecting personal property to providing easy calls for help, particularly for senior citizens.

A Safe House consists of a lot of technological sub-units, such as emergency signalling, securing premises, an access system, systems for controlling lifts etc. 
23647 fire series 1A significant advance was made by BUT researchers particularly in developing software apps to generate a special indicator for a heat-meter, a software app for a Safe House meter called the “Intelligent Water-Meter”, a software app for an alarm called the “LifeMonitor”, a software app for a PIR alarm and, last but not least, control and communication software for a network module for a wireless communication network using the IEEE 802.15.4 standard and the BSH protocol, in which the whole system and all its hardware elements communicate.

816955 fire symbolsThe significance of developing such technologies and the above-mentioned issue of security is underscored by the Municipal Crime Prevention Programme entitled “Safe Locality – Safe Living”. The project is unique particularly in its use of innovative technical and organizational measures from the field of situation prevention such as access systems, reception, camera surveillance, as well as security and fire systems. In the technical part of the project, the company Beta Control s.r.o. participated to a significant degree by supplying and implementing their own Safe House system, completed with elements developed at BUT, in the building at Koniklecová 5, a block of flats in the Brno suburb of Nový Lískovec.


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