Fluorescence microscopes have been finding ever wider application in the natural sciences and medicine. Researchers at Brno University of Technology have invented a method of how to combine on the microscope bright field and fluorescence measurement and to use this method when monitoring the physiological functions of heart cells.

The quality of the atmosphere we breathe is a global issue, since what we breathe affects the healthy development of each individual. And surely all over the world we care about our own health. Substances polluting the atmosphere mostly come from motor vehicle emissions or industrial combustion processes, but they are also present in cigarette smoke, flooring, carpets, clothes, synthetic glues, stains and varnishes, cleaning agents and cosmetics. Such substances are most harmful in closed rooms, such as the workplace, homes and children’s bedrooms.

Today, when research and development plays such a key role, enormous demands are placed on laboratory instruments, their precision, speed and last, but not least, their mobility. At the Central European Institute of Technology, CEITEC, a unique device has been developed for the chemical and biochemical analysis of liquids, the so-called nanopotentiostat. The device has been developed within the BUT’s Molecular Biotechnology project, with Doc. Ing. Jiří Háze, Ph.D. as the guarantor.

Eye surgery is an extremely demanding surgical intervention. The post-surgery phase is also demanding, and it places stress on the head position as the eye cannot be focused in any way. Scientists of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Technologies, in cooperation with the Clinic of Ophthalmology at the University Hospital Brno, developed a device which resolves this issue.

A team of scientists from the BUT Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Technologies focused on improving the method of finding the presence of other substances in a gaseous environment, which is used e.g. in a range of industrial branches, military technology, toxicology, pharmaceutical technology, food industry, etc.

The TESLA Aggregator is a module intended for aggregating the data flow of a Gigabit Ethernet. It is equipped with a metallic interface10/100/1000Base-T and 1000Base-X (SFP), and intended for direct integration in radio-communications transreceivers working in the XPIC mode.