BUT researchers find way to calculate partial characteristics of plasma radiation

BUT researchers find way to calculate partial characteristics of plasma radiation

31. 10. 2012

An electric arc produces intense radiation accompanied by high temperature. The energy transfer through this radiation is an important factor in the energy balance of thermal plasma.

To be able to understand the behaviour of an electric arc, it is necessary to consider not only the dynamics of the gas in which discharge occurs, but also the characteristics of plasma radiation. Ever-improving hardware and software currently enables the use of sophisticated methods for respecting plasma radiation in computer simulations of electric arc behaviour.

One of the methods is an approach based on the partial characteristics of plasma radiation. Partial characteristics are special functions that give a simplified description of the radiative transfer of energy in thermal plasma. The relatively new method of partial characteristics is based upon theoretical knowledge supported by experimental data, and provides – compared to alternative approaches – a very precise idea of the processes which occur in electric arc plasma. Without knowledge of partial characteristics, the radiative transfer of energy can be modelled only roughly. For developing equipment that works at high and very high voltage it is necessary to work with as precise data as possible so as to protect the safety of people and property.

Partial characteristics data is usable in simulation models describing the behaviour of plasma, particularly in equipment with an electric arc (e.g. in power switches of electric current which are used to switch off equipment at high voltage). Other practical applications include computing models for switching devices, plasmatrons – plasma generators, arc welding and plasma smelting furnaces. Pre-prepared data for partial characteristics can be used by experts when creating simulation models of electric arcs without needing to know the very complex physical principle of the calculation.

The know-how of Brno University of Technology in the field of partial characteristics has already found commercial application when the licence was sold to the University of Zagreb. While scientists have prepared tables for the partial characteristics of the thermal plasma of sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) in the customer-specified pressure range, the coordination of the whole transaction, particularly in its legal and administrative respects, was ensured by the Technology Transfer Office.

aubrechtProf. RNDr. Vladimír Aubrecht, CSc. working at BUT as the vice-dean for creative activities and post-graduate study at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication as a professor at the Institute of Power Electrical and Electronic Engineering and as the Director of the Centre for Research and Utilization of Renewable Energy Sources (CVVOZE). In his science-research activities he focuses on research in the field of diagnostics and the mathematical modelling of thermal plasma, the computer modelling of plasma dynamics in electric arc devices (power switches, plasmatrons) and last but not least, the theoretical calculations of the radiative transfer of energy in thermal plasma.  

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