Method of cleaning solidification towers using blasting techniques

17. 10. 2014

At present, solidification towers are cleaned in several ways (mechanically, chemically, or a combination of the two), which bring a range of safety risks that must be safeguarded by strict hygiene and environmental standards. These disadvantages can be resolved using an invention developed in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Technologies.

Description of the technology

This invention, which is the work of Doc. Ing. Pavel Fiala, Ph.D. and Ing. et Ing. Paed. IGIP Miroslav Janíček, Ph.D., involves cleaning such towers using blasting technology. It is intended for cleaning deposits of calcium chloride, calcium sulphite, calcium sulphate, carbonized and unreacted calcium hydrate from the insides of solidification towers.

The principle of the invention lies in the following: at a precisely defined distance from the centre of the solidification tower (depending on the diameter) a straight detonation line is positioned, consisting of a homogenous detonation system and/or single detonation elements which are interconnected through the centre for transmission of the detonation impulse, and the detonation process is initiated in this line. It is a good idea for the straight line itself and the means of transmitting the detonation impulse to be a detonating fuse, or a micro-detonating fuse. The detonation process is best initiated by fire ignition, electrical ignition and/or remote control.

The advantage of this method of cleaning of solidification towers is above all its simplicity and efficiency, and its opportunity to be applied using a low number of people. A significant advantage is the fact that demands for special technology, protective equipment or any risk of environmental incident are eliminated. Last but not least, this method of using blasting technology helps clean those areas of solidification towers which have been very difficult to clean using traditional methods. .

Main advantages

  • Simple and effective method of cleaning solidification towers
  • Possible application with a small number of persons
  • Eliminated risk of environmental incident
  • No demands for special technology or protective equipment
  • Cleaning towers using blasting techniques can be carried out in places where conventional methods are difficult to use. 

Protection of intellectual property

  • A Czech patent has been granted (link)

Offer of collaboration

We are offering a licence, for those regions where the technology is protected, to a company which will ensure the equipment is applied in the market.


Ing. Lukáš Novák, Technology Transfer Office, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +420 541 144 227

Figure source: Black Stripe, Wikimedia Commons, 2007

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