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Treatment of a surface layer for bonding chips onto glass testing substrates

10. 09. 2014

The invention relates to a device used for treating the surface of glass specimens before being bonded with chips (ceramic, glass or plastic) which are intended for testing and cleaning of flux.

Description of the technology

After being marked, they are printed with a layer of glass paste in the shape of matrix, which ensures the precise distance of the glued-on chips from the glass plate surface and their precise positioning. In order to prevent the chips from falling off during repeated tests for washing and cleaning due to the extreme chemical and mechanical strain on the glued joint between the chips and the glass layer, the surface layer of the glass print must be provided with an interlayer dividing its micro-surface and roughening the surface layer of the glass print. The glued-on chips have 10 times better adhesion to such a surface.

Before now, the chips used to test the washing and cleaning of fluxes have been glued directly onto glass substrates, and are therefore torn-off even during the very first washing due to the effects of e.g. ultrasound and the considerable changes of pressure of the spraying liquid; therefore, they cannot be used for such test on more than one occasion.

Main advantages

  • As much as 10 times better adhesion of the glued-on chip to the glass plate, providing chemical and mechanical resistance.

Protection of intellectual property

  • Registered utility model (link to UPV)
  • Granted Czech patent (link to UPV)
  • European patent application has been filed

Offer of collaboration

We are offering an exclusive licence, for those regions where the technology is protected, to a company which will ensure the application of the device and the method in the market.


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